1   Which standards are available in your school?

We have Nursery to Std-12 classes are available in English and Gujarati medium.

2   What other activities do your school ?

There are so many activities done in our school like Dance, Skating, Bhartnatyam etc.

3   What is your class strength ?

There are 40 students in each classs.

4   Transportation facility available or not ?

Not available, but private vehicles come from all the areas of Surat city.

5   What is fees structure in your school ?

Student will have to pay school fees as per decided by government.

6   What are the timing of your school ?

There will be morning session for English Medium and afternoon session for Gujarati Medium.

7   Which kind of teaching method is used in classroom ?

All the teachers in our school are expierenced in their subject. They are doing their teaching through projector and other multimedia.

8   Does Learning happen outside the Textbooks ?

Yes. Whenever needed to explain topic briefly, teachers explain it outside the textbook also.

9   What are the eligibility criteria for admission in your school ?

Admission criteria for different section are different. Contact principal for admission during school hours.

10   When does the academic session start?

Generally Academic session will be started from the month of June.

11   What is affiliation and annual fee?

Our school is affiliated with Gujarat Board.

12   When will the test be conducted?

The test will be conducted as mention in student's diary.

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