Rules & Regulations



On all school days and during exams children should wear neat, clean and complete uniform and also during the exams. Any difference in the pattern and colour of the uniform will not be permitted. Navy Blue Plain sweaters have to be worn in winter season. coloured jackets are strictly not permitted.

Pre-Primay Section :


Boys : White shirt with Red bow, Red half pant, Black sports shoes with plain white socks.
Girls : Red skirt, White shirt with Red bow, Black sports shoes with plain white socks.


Primary Section :

Boys : Std 1 to VIII will wear white and blue checks shirt. Std. 1 to V – Blue half pant, Std. V to VIII – Blue full pant, blue tie, black sports shoes with plain white socks.


Secondary & Higher Secondary :


Boys : Std. IX to XII will wear plain white shirt, blue full pant, plain navy blue tie (for Std. IX & X), navy blue tie with stripes (for Std. XI & XII), Black tights, Black sports shoes with plain regular white socks.

Girls : Std. IX to XII will wear plain white shirt, 'V' necked blue pinafore, plain navy blue tie (for Std. IX & X), navy blue tie with stripes (for Std. XI & XII), Black tights, black sports shoes with plain regular white socks. shoes with plain regular white socks. Girls should tie up their hair with black ribbons in two plaits.


P. T. Uniform:


Track Suit: Sky Blue T-shirt, Blue Track Pant, Black sports shoes with plain white socks has to be worn on PT, games and yoga days as allotted in the time-table.


Rules of Discipline :


  • During working hours order and silence are to be kept while moving around the premises and compound.
  • As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, a prior written application for leave must invariably be handed to the Principal.
  • A pupils name may be struck off the roll if absent for 15 continuous days without prior written leave application.
  • Late comers may be sent home.
  • Pupils are forbidden to give teachers or fellow students individual or collective gifts, even on birthday. They may donate books or plants.
  • During the absence of the teacher the monitor assumes full responsibility for the order and discipline in the class, until the teacher comes.
  • No student will be admitted to the class unless she/he attends theory classes especially on days when there is no practical.
  • Mobile phones I-Pads or any other electronics devices are not allowed in school. If found it will be confiscated and strict action will be taken.
  • Students are forbidden to bring two wheeler to school without Licence.
  • Any damage done to the school property must be repaired or replaced. The decision of the principal regarding the amount to be paid is final.
  • No pupil will be exempted from physical exercise without a doctor’s certificate. Attendance is compulsory.
  • Any pupil found and proved guilty of any shameful act that will damage the reputation of the school is liable to be dismissed.


Examination :


  • Pupil absent from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined and those absent from an examination without genuine reasons will be considered as having failed.
  • Absence from the examination of all subjects involves a total loss of marks. Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of marks for those respective subjects Passing percentage in each subject is 35%
  • If the student fails to meet the minimum attendance requirement of 80% for each term, the school authorities have the right to take necessary action requirement for compliance.
  • Absence in any monthly/worksheet/weekly test involves a total loss of marks in that particular test.
  • Marks/grade will be issued after each examination and test. They must be duly signed by the parent.
  • Cases of failure will not be reconsidered.




  • Promotions will be decided as per rules of the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat.
  • Results once declared will not be changed under any circumstances.


The School Library:


  • Perfect silence has to be observed at all times in the library.
  • Books from library will be issued during library period and during the break.
  • Books are issued for the use of the borrower only.
  • No one must take any book before having it entered in the register.
  • Damage done to the books or magazine will have to be made good by the borrower. Only one book at a time will be issued.
  • Student who fail to return books in time will be fined.
  • In case the student looses a book, he/she will have to replace the same.
  • In the choice of books, puplil should take the guidance of their teachers or the librarian.


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